What is a proxy?

 What is a proxy?

The internet is not the safest place in the world. Regarding its usefulness and effectively there are many cyber criminals who are willing to steal anything that they can from you. As long as you are exposed to the internet these highly trained professional criminals can do anything they want as long as your I.P address is exposed. Thanks to today’s advancements in technology you may now keep yourself from harm’s way by protecting your anonymity. There are many ways to be anonymous while surfing the web all you need is time, research and essence of wanting security. If you do not act responsibly then your efforts would be worthless as hackers and spies can still monitor you. Things are so highly developed now that we can even protect our mobile phones anonymity with using the top iphone VPN or any other privacy utilities which we can put our hands on just to get extra protection from people who want to invade our privacy.


As I have stated earlier, Thanks to advancements in technology we can use many ways to keep your anonymity as we surf the internet. Using a proxy is just one of them.

In general, All you really need to understand about a proxy is that is a service that gives you better protection while surfing the internet. It is a shield which will protect your anonymity and guard your personal information such as actual I.P address, location, GMT and more.  The service will connect your computer to another machine which will act like a protector to you as anything that comes in your computer first to have to get through the proxy you have connected to.


There are many types of proxies in the world. From the many type of proxies come many proxy servers which give you a different kind of service to establish their selves as a different and unique proxy server.  These proxies are in competition because they have to fight with each other in order to get the top spot in getting declared as the best proxy server. The competition is tough because there are already giant companies who have engaged in this war. Aside from the big companies who are clearly ahead of the competition there are also these individuals and small companies which give you decent service.

One thing you should also know is that some proxy servers ask for a fee in behalf of enjoying their services however there are also those who give you satisfactory service absolutely free of charge. However, it does not automatically mean that the more expensive the fee that a certain proxy server asks for, the better their services because there are free proxy servers that offer better services than some servers who ask for a fee. There are also those proxy servers which give you the choice to either pick their free service or their premium paid service like strongvpn. While others give free trial days to act as a teaser to their possible clients about the type of service that their company could bring.

In summary, Proxy Servers have being an important essence for internet surfers and you are all given the freedom to choose whichever you thing suites you best.


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