Nokia 6820 Organiser Functions

The 6820 has been given a 3.5 Mb internal shared memory for use between various functions. These include contacts, text messages, multimedia messages, ringing tones, images, video clips, calendar notes, to-do list, and applications. If you feel that the memory would be inadequate for you then there are no options other than deleting older applications to free up space. This handset does not have any expansion slots which can allow you to push in a memory card and thus increase memory. You can buy it from e2save using a coupon code to get a cheap price.

PIM functions include Calendar, contacts, notes and a To-do list for everyday chores. The calendar can be used for storing long term appointments and PIM features can be synchronized with a compatible PC. The phonebook allows the user to store various contact details such as several phone numbers along with email addresses. The conference call function is also supported. Voice based features such as voice dialing, voice commands and voice recorder are present. A nice addition to the list is the integrated hands free. A special function of the 6820 is multi tasking.

Say you are talking to some one on the integrated hands-free, it is possible to talk as well as click photographs thanks to the multi tasking feature. It has tremendous potential, this multi tasking thing. One could be on a call, check his calendar and accordingly set the meeting giving the date and time to the person on the phone at the same time setting an appointment in the schedule. The fixed dialing options, allows you to gift the 6820 to your teen after enabling this feature.

This allows calls to only the fixed number which have been entered by you and protected by a password. Zealous Bosses can also use this feature to ensure that the mobile phone is used for official purposes only by the staff in case such a need arises. Speed dialing and automatic redial are other features which have been included. Logs of calls, akin to a call register to which we are accustomed only much more detailed and having ability to retain more amount of numbers maintains logs of dialed received as well as missed calls.

Oracle based files can also be accessed with this handset. This is fully integrated with email and fax. Oracle Collaboration Suite provides you efficient access to corporate information – email, voicemail, calendar, address book, tasks, files, corporate directories, instant messaging, and more – using your Nokia messaging device.

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