How Does NordVPN Work: Unboxing The Features

NordVPN is one among so many VPN companies you can actually rely on. Despite its great varieties of features, NordVPN is recommended for their reliability and accessibility. The Panama-based VPN company does even offer its users with six-device connection which can be conducted simultaneously.

Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS, iOS, Android and Linux are all ready on NordVPN integration. It is quite relieving to get such comfort from a VPN. We have not even mentioned the huge number of their servers spread in many countries around the world. Anyway, how does NordVPN work?


Get A Look

First, which could be one of the most interesting feature users will look up, is NordVPN’s affordable package plans. It comes in three choices; monthly, 6-month, and yearly. The range price starts from $8 to $48. It is considered quite cheap, though, compared to features you are likely to get.

Yet, do not expect to get a refund if you are not quite comfortable with their service, as NordVPN does only give refund for users only if it is due to NordVPN’s failed system. However, you are given an option to take a 3-day free trial if you wish to enjoy a tour before buying.

Getting deeper to NordVPN’s work system, the company offers you with standard VPN connections that can cover 500 locations, 50 countries and 2,000 IP addresses. The servers can be optimized for video-streaming, anti-DDoS, double VPN, Tor over VPN, and dedicated IP. Each of them is offered with different levels of comfort that surely depends on each user’s expectation and needs.

In addition, there are two cool features users can get good experience with NordVPN; they are DNS leak protection and internet kill switch. The DNS leak protection, as its name suggests, could prevent DNS requests from heading to your ISP. This will certainly help you improve your security connection system.

Kill switch, though, is aimed to halt internet traffic whenever the server connection you have chosen drops. This would disable anything that is unencrypted from leaking to your ISP’s network.

If you expect for something more attractive from NordVPN, then this one could be the thing. NordVPN performs well with your enthusiasm on Netflix. Through its SmartPlay feature, users can connect their devices to Netflix using NordVPN access, which is considered as one of the best. If you are interested in NordVPN, you can try their coupon codes, which may save you a lot of money.

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