How to use overplay smart dns

With many global sites that are based on the locked doors of geo-blocking, then the SmartDNS is the right way to go. It helps to get access to the restricted content and to unblock these websites. Before you delve the world into the SmartDNS use, it is important first to be educated about how the overplay smart dns works and how you can use it.

To make this easier, you should consider the domain name server or the DNS like a phone book used by the internet and it contains the list of the domain names and in turn, it translates them in the internet protocol or the IP number in order to direct the user to a corresponding website when you can remember or type the domain name.


Even if at the beginning, people may think that using overplay smart dns is something to be done by the tech wizards or geniuses, the true is that it is something that can be done by everyone whenever he wants to. The common usage of the overplay smart dns is getting access to the content that has been locked on one region. The example is like while sitting in London, and you want to connect at the Netflix content of United States.

The overplay smart dns works by taking up the data that was associated by the geographical location of the user and then to re-route it using the computer server setup in the SmartDNS proxy server of the provider. You can always use a OverPlay coupon code to save your money. Such server will be located in the region which permits access to the blocked content which the user wants to get access to. This will be possible while the user continues to stay in just one place.

SmartDNS over the VPN

The unknowing individual of VPN and SmartDNS can be quite the same. They can perform the same unblocking duties but the two works in different way. According to the needs you have, you can choose one over the other one. Like choosing the type of the online service, it is important to have the full understanding about what the VPN and the SmartDNS offer and which is even more suitable to the needs of the clients.

If you wish to access to the unblocked content found in the entire world, choosing the Smart DNS is what you should do since it is less expensive and faster compared to the VPN. It is normally easy to configure and there is no need to have a setup.

Overplay smart dns has came to be known as the leader in the SmartDNS industry. The company is based on US and it is among the best company that offers the SmartDNS options around the market. They make sure that the user can get access to virtually each service in over 21 counties. It has more than 40 servers around the entire world and it means that you can watch whatever you like wherever you are. There is no restrictions about the number of the devices that you can install the overplay smart dns on.

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